Is it a coincidence that “ace” means both “asexual” and “totally cool” I think not


blanket apology to all the female celebrities i hated as a teenager because i was up to my eyeballs in internalized misogyny


"he or she" …they?

"he/she" they

"(s)he" thEY

this is fine unless you’re writing a formal essay (especially for those of us in college/uni) don’t even use they for a singular entity never ever do it unless your professor explicitly states that it is all right, otherwise your grade will be negatively effected


Last Day for adoption entries on Borealis! Adoption entries on him will be accepted until midnight tonight! (Monday 9/29)

This week’s kitten is Cirrus!  Isn’t he, er, she — actually, I don’ t know Cirrus’s gender — and honestly, that’s sort of personal — but anyway, Cirrus is lovely with delicate blue, pink and even a lavender pineal eye! This whiskered darling loves to chase dust motes and ride on the ceiling fan here at the NVSPCA office!

Want to adopt? Here’s how:

Like and Reblog, and this week… we want you to become a foster home!  The Night Vale SPCA always needs volunteer foster homes for animals not quite ready to go up for adoption at the shelter — orphaned kittens, injured armadillos, giant worm larvae… that sort of thing.  Being a foster is very rewarding!  Comment to let us know WHAT SORT OF PET YOU WOULD FOSTER!  We just got an orphaned litter of spiderwolf hatchlings and the pups are off the bottle and ready for their first meal worms! (don’t forget to pop the heads off before you feed them to young animals!) Who wouldn’t want eight puppy-dog eyes looking up to them?

You don’t have to follow to adopt, but a new kitten will be made available each week through Halloween, so you might want to…

Adopter will be notified via their Ask box. They’ll also be tagged in the post announcing the adopters (unless you ask us not to).

I’ll draw the adopter and post the next kitten for adoption on Oct 6th.

Adopter will receive their new pet and adoption certificate as well as instructions on completing the bloodstone promise. Submitting pics is highly encouraged!!

Our budget will allow one adoption out of the US, so this is open to all until an out of the US adoption occurs.   Yipes!  We had our out of the US adoption, so the weekly adoptions are now open to the US.  

(The Night Vale SPCA is a community service to citizens of Night Vale - no adoption fees are necessary or accepted. I believe the peoples of Tumblr call it a ‘giveaway’.)


The suggestions are still coming in, but it looks like Big Rico’s is easily in the lead for which Night Vale location the community would like to see become pet friendly.  Folks really want their furry, feathered, scaly and carapace-ed friends to be able to get their mandatory weekly slice!  Thank you for all the thoughtful suggestions!



Ya’ll might remember I said I was taking writing commissions, and that I wasn’t sure of prices, because my father is in the hospital and my job situation is a no-go. Well I did a bit of digging and research, and below the cut you’ll find a list of baseline prices, as well as some rules and a basic ‘please provide this information’ sort of list. 

I’m putting it below the cut because it might get kind of long. Prices are negotible. 

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This friend is an amazing writer and you should definitely commission them


i took 2 hours and some messy pens and drew GENDERBENT AVENGERS, HOORAY~~~

art (c) acrosc [ more art ] [ commission info ]



holdenduckfield replied to your post: holdenduckfield replied to your post: …

you’re a loser. i heard that

wow. that stung. it really did. where’d you buy your comebacks, the toilet store?

holdenduckfield replied to your post: So I went to a college fair today for …

nah go to pace university in westchester i hear they have some kinda cool people there maybe sorta

really? i heard that was just a school full of loser nerds

So I went to a college fair today for when I transfer next year or the year after and I was getting some good vibes from Ball State- plus they have my major and my minor. Can anyone who goes there tell me about it?

should i unload the dishwasher or watch more scrubs?

i’m so so bored. like my bff is at homecoming and my other bff lives in new york and isn’t replying to texts even though it’s the dumb bitches birthday and the bae is also in another state and probably doing something right now and it’s too late to go anywhere and i’m broke anyway and i have watched so many episodes of scrubs today it’s patheric


idk here have a charcoal owl i guess
art (c) acrosc [ more art ] [ commission info ]


idk here have a charcoal owl i guess

art (c) acrosc [ more art ] [ commission info ]